• 1. Click the “View in Room” button.

  • 2. Point your phone towards the surface, island, or kitchen area, while standing 2 meters away. If needed, slowly move your phone.

  • 3. Once the countertop image appears, use your fingers to place it within the desired location, rotate and change its size.

  • 4. Great! Your countertop has come to life and integrated into your space. Take a screenshot and share it with anyone you like.

  • 5. Want to explore additional colors? Select a new color and plunge into another immersive augmented reality experience!

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Best matches for 5810 Black Tempal

Wall color: Light grey
Cabinet color: Black
Wall color: Light grey
Cabinet color: Light Wood

5810 Black Tempal

A complex composition of mineral-like layers in warm white hues,
flowing organically across a charcoal base that is textured like a starry night touching water.